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About LearnEd Studio

Our Pride is in
Surpassing Your Expectations

LearnEd Studio is a digital business solutions company with a wide variety of offerings to help you scale up your digital presence. We are passionate about servicing your requirements with carefully planned and executed solvents. Our professionalism is tinged with a personal touch, and we work in a way that makes you feel our team is an effortless extension to yours.

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The Team That Enables Our Vision

At LearnEd Studio, we care about our people. We have strived to cultivate an environment that makes growth just a natural by-product of dedicated learning and skill acquisition. Our teamwork compels us to band together towards a common vision. Our close-knit family spirit empowers our ordinary team to accomplish extraordinary results.

Mahindra Pai

Founding Partner, Director

Deepa Pai

Founding Partner, UI Developer

Shachi Dange

Graphic Designer

Sameer Panchadhari

Chief Technical Expert

Revati Joshi

Web Support

Archit Joshi

Content & Business Outreach

Swapnil Mahale

Software Developer

Bhagya Pillai

UI Developer

Manisha Bhalekar

Software Developer

Sakshi Inamdar

Software Developer

Ganesh Pawar

UI Developer

Work with LearnEd Studio

In our organization, passions are realized. We have team members who absolutely upskilled their talent upon joining us. If you are a zealous person with a strong liking in any of our fields of work, you are welcome to apply. Current job vacancies at LearnEd Studio listed below.